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Reviviscence Rehab®

Reviviscence® Rehab founded in 2015 for Pediatric Therapy Services with it’s mission of “creating the best life for all children and integrate in schools” by providing the highest quality of speech, physical, sensory integration, and occupational therapy, early intervention, special education in a child friendly environment. When you walk into Reviviscence® Rehab you and your child are not alone. We will communicate with you, support you, and encourage you, every step of the way. Our child directed approach gives children control in a world where they have little. We find children learn and achieve more when they get to decide the direction of their play. We look at the whole child and see amazing results because of our unique treatment approach. From shoe wearing and bike riding, to saying their HELLO SIR, to count one, two, three, and so much more, we are here to help your child achieve all of their developmental milestones. The Reviviscence® Rehab staff works with families to ensure our children meet goals that guarantee they will succeed in their everyday life.


Reviviscence® Rehab is a committed, dedicated, caring, and professional organization in healthcare industry. We are providing highest quality of healthcare services. We are providing Rehabilitation services to wide range of population struggling with physical, cognitive, neurological, muscular, and developmental and old age disorders. We are supporting them to achieve their quality of living back into their life and develop skills necessary to improve quality of living.



Reviviscence® Rehab will support, innovate, and develop therapies and program to maintain, restore, reinforce and enhance quality of life. Reviviscence® Rehab is committed to create awareness about disability, inclusive education, work related disorder, and Mental health and provide best intervention to prevent, train and regain quality of living. Reviviscence® Rehab will educate parents, and professional students for training, best usage of therapy services at home, bridging gap between theory and practice.

Our core values

  • Care and Passionate for every life we touch.
  • Respect and appreciation of each other.
  • Team work, equality and enjoyment in working.
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency in our services and/or dealing.
  • Creativity and innovation to develop effective solution.
  • Client satisfaction is our prime responsibility and priority.
  • Focus and discipline in improving quality of care.