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Over the last 5 years, Reviviscence Rehab® has developed and established. Each Program is established to meet the specific needs of the children with the development of a screening tool, teacher education and training, analysis, Facilitator training, program development / implementation and program review. From initial consultation to implementation, a Sensory motor program will take approximately 9 months and aims to be fully sustainable and operational within the school at completion with minimal support required. For further information and enquires please contact Pankaj kumar (Director of Clinical Services) or mail to pankajkumar@reviviscence.in

Reviviscence Rehab® is committed to educating and supporting the community. Various Information sessions at Reviviscence Rehab® for parents and teachers include; Sensory Integration for parents, sensory integration in the classroom, play workshops, behaviour and learning, attachment, pre-writing and handwriting development, Autism Spectrum disorder, Technology and parenting. In addition, Reviviscence Rehab® staffs are available to provide tailored or selected information sessions for schools, kindergartens, childcare centers, community organisations, and others