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Internship @ Reviviscence® Rehab

Reviviscence® Rehab takes it as professional commitment hence provides Awareness, Training,and Education to parents, school staff, professional students and corporate to help in living better and care our loving one.We are offering variety of training events as per requirement and create awareness on disability and its prevention.It is our main responsibility to train parents, employee, society for promoting inclusion and bringing quality into life. All our staff are highly trained and keen to share their knowledge with you.

Looking For Internship and Exposure in Your Field ???

Join our Internship Program and get

  • Hands On Experience
  • Theoretical explanations
  • Improve Practice skill area
  • Expose to variety of clinical conditions
  • How to speak to PATIENT & CAREGIVER ???
  • Exposed to different types of setting e.g. School, Multidisciplinary clinic, Industrial Rehab settings, Corporate clinics, and many more.
  • Soft Skill Training by experts and experienced staff
  • Personal Mentor to give you correct guidance and many more.

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