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"Engaging Child into Childhood Occupation"
"Inclusion Supported by Peers Lived by All"

Our Pediatric Rehab Programs

Reviviscence Rehab® is continuously working on development of new program to meet our client need. Our team tracks our clients and day by day changing needs and work on it together. Here we keep putting our efforts to provide best and customized programs to deliver best services in Pediatric Therapy Industry. At present we are offering below mentioned program which has been designed to promote inclusion and holistic development.

School Readiness Program is a facilitation program designed to promote preschool children’s school readiness. The objectives are to improve children’s school readiness by enhancing their physical, language, pre-academic, and social skills.This program is to facilitate development at greater pace and fill gaps if any in our children. This program is for children below 4 years to equip them with pre-requisites skills required at school.

Reviviscence Rehab within School is a recent venture undertaken wherein comprehensive services of Reviviscence Rehab are made available within school premises. The Objective of this project is to ensure that the school is equipped and ready to provide education to all children with special needs within school premises.
Reviviscence Rehab helps in screening and identifying developmental delay in any domain, pervasive developmental disorder, communication disorders, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disability and any signs of learning disability. A systematic procedure of assessment and observation is followed for assessing and screening children with special needs in the school.

If you can’t come to us – let us come to you! Our Distance service program can be used by individual families, parent groups and schools who need access to an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Special Educator but have restricted local resources.A number of our distance clients are parent support groups whose children all need access to services. This program makes a visit from an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Special Educator more approachable and affordable.

Clinic Based Therapy Program gives children or person having difficulties in performing any skill which is required a platform to develop such skills in 1:1 child/patient ratio. It is very much focused and tailor made addressing needs of client. This program provides a longer time without getting distracted to meet individual need in which client is struggling with faster development an growth.