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Review Assessments at Reviviscence Rehab®

As part of the high standard of service that is offered at Reviviscence Rehab®, we feel that it is important to conduct review assessments for children who have participated in therapy with regularity & continuity at Reviviscence Rehab®. This assists in monitoring progress, determining needs for future therapy sessions as well as to provide further support in regards to future directions and alternate pathways (e.g. need for other health professionals, school support).

The review assessment will usually be carried out over 1 session (1- 1.5 hours in length) and the content of the review will depend on the child’s needs. 

This assessment is usually carried out by the therapist who initially assessed your child or Director of Clinical Services .

Sometimes review assessments are crucial for children who receive standardised information regarding your child’s strengths and areas of difficulty.

The assessments used within Reviviscence Rehab® should not be implemented more frequently than 6 months, however the timing of review assessments are highly dependent on the individual child.

General guidelines are that children will be reviewed every 12- 24 months and the details of this can be discussed with your child’s treating therapists

During your child’s therapy, the treating therapist will discuss a future plan with you. This may be recommending further sessions, or that they have a review assessment and, again, is dependent on the individual child but also the length of time since the previous assessment.

After discussing this with you, your child’s therapist will provide the admin team with information and advise you to discuss the appointment bookings with them.

When you book in a review assessment, the treating therapist will often recommend booking in future sessions in case there is a need following the review. If these are not required, these can be cancelled.

Please bring any reports from other professionals that have been carried out since your child last attended Revivisc.

It will again be important for your child to be dressed appropriately in comfortable clothing and that all relevant items or devices are available including; reading glasses, fidget toys, water bottle, communication devices, orthoses.