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School Model Program | Transition Program [SMP]

School Model Program (SMP) is a facilitation program designed to promote preschool children’s school readiness. The objectives are to improve children’s school readiness by enhancing their physical, language, pre-academic, and social skills.
This program is to facilitate development at greater pace and fill gaps if any in our children. This program is for children below 15 years at present to equip them with pre-requisites skills required at school. These are

  • Turn taking
  • Questioning
  • Responding
  • Pre-Handwriting
  • Pre-Reading
  • Pre-Writing
  • instruction following
  • Problem Solving
  • Peer interaction
  • Social Skills
  • Group Play
  • Sharing
  • self confidence

In this Program professional team of speech therapist, occupational therapist and special educator will support children to develop in all domains and core areas of life. Team will enhance and improve performance component of children to achieve fullest of their potential and stand with our support in competitive era and feel confident and well equipped.