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Therapy at Reviviscence Rehab®

Pankaj Kumar (Founder & C.E.O, Director of Clinical Services) spends the majority of his time assessing, consulting, educating and supervising and Training to the Reviviscence Rehab Team and Parents. Reviviscence Rehab has a team of exceptionally qualified and talented Therapists who treat children from Monday to Sunday. Pankaj will allocate the child to the most appropriate therapist in order to maximize therapist/child relationship in order to optimize treatment outcomes. Please see the website for each therapist’s profile.

Each Revivisence Rehab therapy session lasts approximately 45 minutes comprising of 1:1 time your child and giving feedback to family. 

At the outset of your child’s ‘block’ of therapy, a set of goals will be set by your therapist in collaboration with you. These goals will underpin the choices the therapist makes to focus on during each session. Depending on your child’s needs you will have between 7 and 21 weekly sessions. A Reviviscence Rehab ‘break’ is needed to gauge how your child performs without Reviviscence Rehab intervention and to monitor their progress based on decision of Reviviscence Rehab Team and Director of Clinical Services. Decisions regarding further continuation of therapy will be suggested by the Director of Clinical Services and Team if required otherwise an appointment for a review will be suggested in 6-12 months’ time.

Reviviscence Rehab understands financial burden of availing therapies along with day to day functioning expenses hence fee for service is being marginalized so that broader population can afford these cost. At Reviviscence Rehab cost of therapy is very much competitive and affordable compared to other service provider along with maintaining highest standards of practice and service delivery. Reviviscence Rehab ensures that quality of therapy sessions should not be compromised at any point due to cost factor hence it is revised as per increased cost of maintenance, various expenses and recruit and retain expert therapist. Any revision in fee for service will be informed a month advance to plan financial budgeting for families.

You are encouraged to attend with your child during a therapy session however depending on each unique circumstance there may be times where the treating therapist may request that you remain in the waiting room. 

Your child’s teacher/carer will be invited to attend an information evening held at Reviviscence Rehab and conducted by the clinical Director of Clinical Services (Pankaj Kumar). Following on from this, if you or child’s therapist believes more correspondence is required, or a school visit would be of benefit, this too can be organised. Depending on what is required, there may be additional cost associated with this (please ensure to discuss with Director of Clinical Services).

Plot No.14, Sriram Nagar, Gandhi Nagar ,Perungalathur West Tambaram(Opp:Annai Arul Hospital Mudichur, Tambaram – Mudichur – Oragadam Road, Gandhi Nagar, Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600063

Reviviscence Rehab strives to be innovative and aims to meet the changing needs of existing clients and the community. Commencing in 2015, Reviviscence offered a number of group programs during Christmas holidays and other training events. This included group programs focusing on; handwriting, social skills, sensory motor and yoga etc… . Due to the success of these programs and client demand, Reviviscence Rehab began developing opportunities to extend and develop these programs into existing Reviviscence Rehab services. In 2020, the final plan of development of the Clinic will include the inclusion of  flexible ground level therapy rooms incorporating a purpose built Kitchen and an operable wall & Inclusive School.

Reviviscence has developed ‘clinic’ based therapy as the ‘core therapy’ offered and has sustained this approach for nearly 5 years. In order to meet the demands of client services and to continue to evolve, school based therapy has developed as an extended service. To provide the level of therapy that has been integral in establishing Reviviscence Rehab services ‘school based’ therapy will be  negotiated between the school and Reviviscence Rehab management. Each school that offers services in conjunction with Reviviscence Rehab will develop a ‘sensory room’ that meets specific requirements in order to ensure that therapy at school is comparable to what is offered in the clinic.

If you would like Reviviscence Rehab to come into your school, please email info@reviviscence.in to discuss further.